I got a new side gig

I’ve been talking a lot with WhiteQueen at Rabbit-Hole lately, and learning a lot. It’s one thing to learn security from textbooks and learn enough to pass a test. It’s one thing to patch servers and make sure my servers pass annual security audits. It’s quite another thing to talk to someone who actively seeks out hackers to study their movements and try to keep them out. Or who stands up servers just to see how difficult it is to get in by force instead of through the logon prompt.

Both WhiteQueen and RedQueen have tons of ideas and tons of knowledge in their heads. But neither likes to write. After I banged out a 600-word article this week based on a five-minute conversation with him, WhiteQueen approached me with the idea of posting security-related articles on Rabbit-Hole. We think having quality, useful articles going up over there on a semi-regular basis will help them build a larger audience, and I’d never attract that audience working on my own. I’ll be learning as I go, and sharing what I learn in the process.

I’ll continue to write here about whatever it is I feel like writing about. I must have a half-dozen things not related to security that I’m working on right now anyway. When I post something over there, I’ll link to it from here to make it all easy to find.

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