How to log into an AT&T router

Last Updated on November 24, 2018 by Dave Farquhar

The residential gateway that AT&T provides with its U-Verse, Fiber, and AT&T Internet packages doesn’t have a logon button or logon screen like most other routers you’re used to. That can be confusing. So here’s how to log into an AT&T router.

Point your browser at your router’s IP address

The first step, like any other router, is to point your browser at your router’s IP address. If you haven’t changed it, your AT&T router’s IP address is This is a security feature, since most router malware assumes routers live at or

If you moved your router’s IP address and don’t remember what you moved it to, try pointing your browser at http://homeportal to connect. Assuming you’re not using a custom DNS server, it will connect.

Finding your router’s IP address with traceroute

Failing that, use traceroute to find it. Traceroute to something that uses an IPv4 address, since AT&T is fully IPv6-enabled. On Windows, open a command prompt by hitting the windows key and the R key at the same time, then type cmd and hit enter. Then type this:


Your router’s IP address will be in the first hop.

On a Mac, the command is a little different. Open a terminal window and type this:


Your router’s IP address will be in the first hop.

I recommend writing down your router’s IP address on a piece of paper and taping it to your router to save yourself the trouble of finding it again.

Finding your password

The second thing you need, of course, is your password. AT&T prints the password on the side of the router. Since my router is in the basement, I took a photograph of the label and keep it on my phone.

How to log into an AT&T router

how to log into an AT&T routerYou can do a lot of things on the router without logging in. When you click on the Settings tab and click on something that changes the configuration, such as LAN > Wi-Fi, the router will prompt you for an access code.

Type the password from the side of the router in the field labeled access code. Then click the submit button. You will now be free to change settings on your AT&T router.

And that’s how to log into an AT&T router. Now you can do whatever you needed to do such as change your wifi password.

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