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Dual screen Citrix, or dual monitor Citrix

At my current and immediately previous job, we made heavy use of Citrix. Citrix makes remote access and administration really convenient. But you don’t get dual screen Citrix by default, and that’s a shame.

And it’s not so nice to be an end user and have two nice monitors but have that remote display confined to just one of them. A lot of work is data-centric these days. Mine sure is. Since so much of my work involves looking at massive Excel spreadsheets and doing something that acts on that data, it’s much easier with two displays. I keep the spreadsheet on one display and another program on the other.

Like all too many things, the solution is simple but non-obvious. I assume assuming you’re connecting to Citrix from a fairly recent version of Windows. Windows 7 is recent enough. Drag your Citrix window to the top of your screen, then slide it over so that it straddles both of your displays. Then release. Your display will then expand to take over both screens. Automatically.

It’s really simple, but I never saw it documented anywhere. So now the secret is out. If you can drag a window, you can get a dual-monitor display in Citrix.

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