I am Scottish. I try to stretch nickels into dollars. Sometimes it’s because I feel the need, but sometimes I do it just to see if I can.

Don’t try to insult me by calling me a stingy miser. It won’t work, because I’ll take it as a compliment.

And yes, this has something to do with Scotch tape.Recently I was researching to see when Scotch tape was invented. I was thrilled to find out the name came from an insult. Originally, the tape only had adhesive on the edges, to keep costs down. A car dealer said the stingy Scotch bosses need to put more adhesive on it.

Eventually they did put more adhesive on it, but the name stuck.

And for what it’s worth, I was researching the history of the stuff because I wanted to know if I could legitimately use it when repairing really old toys. I try to use materials that would have been available when the toys weren’t so old. It turned out the stuff came out in the 1930s, so yes, if I want to use it to hold window inserts in place, I can do that and stay true to period.

And I will use Scotch brand. It’s more expensive, but it lasts longer. A Scot will pay more money for something if it saves money in the long run. It’s why I buy Compaqs instead of Dells.