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Hey Royals: This St. Louisan still believes

OK, OK. So I was in Kansas City over the weekend for a Promise Keepers event, and I saw the Royals’ obituary in the Kansas City Star yesterday. It was a great season, they said, but it’s over.
Well, it wasn’t technically over. It could have ended today, if the Minnesota Twins had beat the Detroit Tigers (which they did) and the Royals had lost to the Chicago White Sox. But the Royals thumped the Best Team Money Can Borrow 10-4, helped in part by their own borrowed gun, Rondell White.

So now what? The Twinkies have five more games. They’re off tomorrow, then they host the Cleveland Indians for two games before wrapping up their season at Detroit.

Meanwhile, the Royals have six home games against Detroit and the White Sox.

The Royals need to win five of six against a team they’ve dominated and against the only team in the division they’ve played poorly against.

Meanwhile, Cleveland has to revert to its old form and beat the Twins twice, and Detroit has to temporarily forget how to play like the 1962 Mets and sweep the Twins in three games.

Long shot? You betcha. But then again, in April everyone thought the Royals were a long shot to just finish over .500.

There’s a sign hanging outside the Fellowship of Christian Athletes building just across I-70 from Royals Stadium Kauffman Stadium. It still reads, “We believe.” In reference to the Royals–belief in God, I hope, is a given for those guys.

I still believe in both too.

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2 thoughts on “Hey Royals: This St. Louisan still believes”

  1. Dave, I understand your passion completely. My father, a lifelong Cubs fan (please keep groans to a minumum), is probably not going to see another World Series race again. So despite being a died-in-the-wool Cardinals fan, I’m hoping beyond hope that the Cubbies go all the way. I grew up on stories of his baseball heroes. Shoeless Joe. Satchel Paige. So, so many. My Dad, and all the other die-hards out there – be it for the Cubs, Royals or whoever – deserve that once in a lifetime experience. And even if the Cubs don’t make it to the Big Show, there’s always next year… Even if Dad isn’t around to see it. Keep believing Dave.

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