Here’s why I won’t be buying a first-generation Nook Tablet

Barnes & Noble just cut its tablet prices to make them more competitive. Now, $199 gets you the 16 GB version, and $179 gets you the 8 GB version. Twice the memory of a Kindle or Nexus, plus the ability to expand with cheap $25 SHDC cards? Why am I sitting at home writing this instead of standing in line?


Am I willing to trade off less CPU power and less screen resolution for expandability? Sometimes, actually. And I’m not waiting for the new Kindle Fire, which I expect to be unexpandable. I’ve heard B&N is working on a new tablet too, one that will include a screen unlike anything else. That intrigues me. I think it’s worth waiting a few months to see what that’s about. And if it’s expandable? Even better.

And if not, there’s always the Samsung Galaxy Tab series, which is expandable. It’s costlier–the starting price is around $249–because it’s unsubsidized, but it’s expandable and not as locked down.

The 7-inch tablet market is interesting right now, and hypercompetition is making it cheaper and more compelling, but it really seems like a good time to wait a few months.

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