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Hello again…

I’m rested but not caught up. I semi-successfully built a Linux From Scratch box; it’s easily the fastest computer I’ve ever seen but not everything works quite right. I made the mistake of using Mandrake 8.0 as my source platform. In some regards Mandrake 8 makes sense; it has recent kernel and glibc versions. Unfortunately it also uses the infamous GCC 2.96; an unofficial release of GNU’s C compiler that’s so wretched that Linus Torvalds actually has asked people to not do any kernel development using any OS that uses it. One of the first things LFS does is build its own copy of GCC 2.95.3, but unfortunately, there’s code in my system that GCC 2.96 got its grubby mitts on and stuff doesn’t work. Notably, I can’t build another LFS system using it as the source. Crimony.
Meanwhile, I found out this afternoon that Bible study is at my place on Friday. My apartment’s always a mess and today’s no exception; it’s not as bad now as it has been at times but it is much less than presentable. So that’s my big project for the week. Hopefully I’ll get a mail server going too.

But I’ll try to check in every day.

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4 thoughts on “Hello again…”

  1. Don’t worry, Dave, just pray for God’s guidance and help, concentrate on straightening-up your apartment and any other work that you need to do, and read any passage of scripture that God puts on your heart to read for the Bible study on Friday.

    Remember that God answers sincere prayer, rewards hard work, and wants us to spend time in his word.

  2. I thought GCC 3.01 had been out for a few days. 3.0 had severe problems too; I don’t know anything about 3.01 besides its existence.

    I have to admit I’m half tempted to press 3.01 into duty. I’d love the extra performance.

  3. If you guys can’t access my site it’s because I switched providers. You can get to it at:

    for now.

    I’ve been trying out 3.0.1, and it’s not bad. The bugs of 3.0 are still there for the most part, but it’s hellafast, and it works better than 2.96 any day.

    KDE 2.2 is nice, too. This is an exciting time for Linux users. The 2.4.9 finally fixes EMU10K1 (SoundBlaster Live!) support, too!

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