There’s overwhelming curiosity One person asked when I’m going to pull the trigger and go live with the new, improved site. I’m going to find some way to do it Saturday. I’m helping a friend move that day, but if I run out of time before I can get a page to work in all versions of Fuehrer Gates’ browser, I’ll just go live with a canned template.
What you can expect: I’m slowly categorizing my back catalog, so you’ll be able to click on one link and see all my Linux stuff, or all my Windows stuff, and so on. There are a couple of Top 10 lists, to show by a couple of unscientific measures what popular demand indicates is my best stuff. The comments system is a lot faster. And the search engine runs like greased lightning. All the stuff I’ve read has said successful web sites are about community and content, and this will foster both of them, making it easier to find the good stuff and the stuff people are talking about.