Go Launcher Ex is a nice upgrade for Android

I gave Go Launcher Ex a whirl on my hacked Nook Color-turned-tablet. The promise was that it’s faster and smoother than ADW Launcher, the default program launcher that comes with Cyanogenmod. Unlike some promises, it was true. It’s fast, smooth, polished, and customizable.

I was a little apprehensive at first–how does one go about changing something so fundamental as the program launcher–but it was easy.

After installing it, press the home button. Android prompts asking whether you want to complete the action with ADWLauncher or Go Launcher Ex. Check the box saying you want to always use this option, then select Go Launcher Ex, and you’re done. Simple.

Even though it does a lot more than ADW Launcher does, including widgets that may or may not be useful to you (you can disable them if you want), it’s much faster. On a Nook Color, I’d call it essential. On anything newer and faster than a Nook Color, it would still be very nice to have.

Give it a whirl without setting it as your default, and see what you think of it. Then, if you like it–I’m pretty sure you will–go back and set it as your default and enjoy.

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