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Getting old

So 105.7 morning DJ Donnie Fandango was distressed this morning over finding a gray hair. At 31, he’s convinced (so he says) this means he’s dying.

I say get used to it. I’m 32. I started going gray in the sixth grade. Since I have gray hairs that are old enough to vote, I have a hard time feeling sorry for him.

I have other worries. Like whether those gray hairs vote for Ron Paul or not.

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4 thoughts on “Getting old”

  1. Dr. Ron Paul stepped up to the plate in the early seventies. Many of us, in the Houston area, couldn’t understand a doctor that would waste his life and education in the pursuit of politics.
    With all that he has accomplished in politics the question remains.

  2. I recall when I was about your age and began to realize that I might live to be 45, that’s when I decided I should take better care of myself so I would still be able to walk when I got there. And so I can. I am now twice your yourng frinds age and not at all ready to be old. Tell him to get a grip, he’s still got most of his adult life ahead of him.

    1. I think my wake-up call was around age 23 or 24. One of my Dad’s cousins had to have major heart surgery, and he was only in his early 50s (53 maybe?). Then I realized that virtually all of Dad’s close male relatives have heart problems at around that age (Dad died of a heart attack at 51), and I realized that I didn’t want my life to be half over. So I started changing how I eat.

      The gray bothered me until my early 20s but eventually I got used to it. If gray hair was my biggest problem, I’d have it awfully good.

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