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Get your valuable Windows licensing information from Microsoft!

Do you know what the least expensive way to buy legitimate copies of Windows is? Do you know what the Microsoft Volume Licensing agreement covers?

Of course you don’t. Nobody can figure out Microsoft licensing. But Microsoft wants to send you a FREE! USB flash drive filled with this ultra-valuable information!

And oh, yeah, nothing stops you from erasing this information when you’re done and replacing it with your own, even more priceless data.To get your free drive, visit the Microsoft Mystery Solved page. If you don’t have a Passport account, sign up for a Hotmail account while you’re at it, and when this offer asks for your e-mail address, feed it the Hotmail address.

The drive probably isn’t all that big (I’d be shocked if it’s any bigger than 32 megs) but a free drive is better than no drive, and 32 megs is still useful. I also don’t know if it’s bootable, USB 2.0 capable, or anything else about it. But mine should be here 6-8 weeks from last Friday.

And if supplies run out before you sign up? I predict a glut of Microsoft-branded USB flash drives on Ebay in about two months. It’s just a hunch I have.

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