Fix bent plug prongs

If the prongs on one of your electrical gizmos is bent and you can’t plug it in, there’s hope. Here’s how to fix bent plug prongs.

fix bent plug prongs
It’s not hard to fix bent plug prongs. White metal, like pictured, is harder to bend than brass, but either will bend with pliers. The round ground prong is harder to bend without distorting, but as long as it fits in a plug afterward, it’s OK if you distort it a bit.

This surprises some people, but don’t be afraid of metal. Metal will bend. Depending on the kind of metal your plug prongs are made of, you may be able to bend it back with your hands. Brass, for example, bends rather easily. White metals usually put up more of a fight.

But to keep from hurting yourself, don’t do that. Just find a pair of pliers. Grip the prong near the bend with the pliers. Then slowly and carefully bend the prong back. Start slowly and gently, then lean into it more if required.

You don’t have to bend the prong perfectly straight. Just bend the prong enough to fit back in the socket.

You can repeat this several times if you have to. Eventually the bending back and forth will cause the prong to break, but if you don’t do this often, it will be OK.

The round ground prong is harder to bend back than the rectangular plugs. Just work slowly and carefully, and if you deform the prong a bit, that’s OK. As long as it still fits in the socket, it will work.

What if the prong breaks off?

If the one of the prong ends up breaking off while you’re trying to fix bent plug prongs, here’s how to replace a plug. I’ve probably replaced half a dozen plugs over the years. If the prong breaks off in the outlet, here’s how to get the prong back out.

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