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Firefox 1.0 is out, and is down

So I wait. Now I know what it was like to stand in line waiting to buy Windows 95.

Wait. No I don’t. I’m actually standing in line waiting to get something good.

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6 thoughts on “Firefox 1.0 is out, and is down”

    1. Thanks. I did a Google search for "mozilla mirrors," which turned up a page that listed several mirrors. So I pulled it from Google’s cache, which gave me a handful of sites in the United States and abroad. I visited a site in Oregon and got right through.

      Much easier than waiting for the parent site’s traffic to drop to a reasonable level.

      1. Here’s the current (11/9/2004) list of mirrors:

        Czech Republic:
        Poland: FTP HTTP FTP HTTP
        South Korea: HTTP FTP
        Spain: FTP HTTP HTTP FTP
        United States: HTTP FTP

        1. The Firefox download isn’t bad…only about 8MB for the Linux .tar.gz.

          As someone who frequently downloads iso images of Linux distributions I always look for the bittorrent link now. Took only a few seconds for the new Firefox.

          Just a simple untar/unzip and all was good. I was using .8x and .9x versions. Noticed two things immediately.

          One, the 1.0 release is very fast on Linux. Two, it recognized all the printers installed. Before it would only print to the default printer. Don’t know if it works better with KDE, which I use, or directly with CUPs. In any case, I’m very pleased thus far.

          One more test will take some time. The older versions, if left open a few days with a number of tabs open, would eventually crash. I’m guessing that 1.0 will be more stable also.


          1. Even better: the Linux box caught the update flag and I just let it go ahead on auto-pilot. No problems at all!

            So I triggered off the update on the Win2k box and things ‘just worked’ there too!


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