I understand that my series on Facebook, and perhaps the length and frequency of my posts, offended at least one person. What right does that guy have to talk about that?

Since someone must know, a friend of 20 years approached me for advice on Facebook recently. After some back-and-forth, I realized that maybe someone else would want to know this stuff. I would have liked to have known it when I was starting out.

Since it was really long, I divided it up into more manageable parts. Easier to read, easier to edit, easier for future readers to find exactly what they want via Google. It’s a common practice.

And yes, I’m posting more often lately. WordPress makes it a lot easier, so I’m more motivated to do it. I don’t know how long I’ll keep this pace up, but I’m not under any contractual obligation to anyone. If I have some decent material to post, I’ll post it. Some may say I haven’t written anything decent in my life. And to that I say, if they’ve read all of it, they’ve certainly earned the right to think whatever they want of my writing.

But I guess I haven’t really said what right I have to write about Facebook and human relationships thereon. Like most everyone reading this, I am a human being who doesn’t know everything, and may not always exercise his best judgment. But I have learned a few things over the course of making those mistakes, which is something not all human beings seem capable of doing. So I shared what I’ve learned, beyond just sending it to the friend who asked. In that regard, it’s not all that different from most of the other stuff here.

My critic doesn’t have to like it. I’d been blogging for years before we even met. This is my computer, not my critic’s. I paid for it. I built it and configured it myself too. I’m also paying for my Internet connection. My critic isn’t. If I want to use it to write about trains or computers or baseball or funny stuff my two-year-old son says, or anything else, I have that right. Facebook included.

I owe no further explanation. It could be days before I write about Facebook again, or it could be years. I would prefer years. I plan to be back tomorrow with something useful about small form factor computers.