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Evening prayer.

Evening prayer. Yes, I really said this one.
Lord, thank you for making me a bachelor so I can have egg rolls and ice cream for dinner at 9:20 and there’s no one here to nag me about it!

And this… About 6 or so, I was on my way to fix something or other when the director of one of the organizations walked past. “Good night,” I said.

“Don’t forget to go home,” she said.

So what’d I do? I kicked into preschool mode, that’s what. “My boss is worse about that than me!”

“I know,” she said. “Some people never change.”

I think she was trying to say something not-so-subtly. So I went home. About an hour later. Then I went to church.

I suspect that wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. But I still had work to do.
And something completely different. The Taliban announced Tuesday that they’ve lifted Osama Bin Laden’s communications ban. At least now we have a shred of evidence that good is smarter than evil. Hello! What are those AWACS planes for? Target practice? Don’t you think if Osama Bin Laden’s talking to the outside world, don’t you think those AWACS planes flying over your they’re-not-disabled-we-just-can’t-shoot-that-high anti-aircraft guns will pick up the transmissions? And don’t you think we can then trace it?

One can only hope they gave him a cell phone.

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2 thoughts on “Evening prayer.”

  1. Egg rolls and ice cream ! e gads! Even when I was a bachelor I would never eat that combo! Stomach feeling fine next morning?

  2. Sure. I was fine. I didn’t eat them together, you see. Then people would be wondering if I was pregnant, and I don’t want that. So egg rolls were the first course, ice cream the second.

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