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Disabling WPS by upgrading to DD-WRT

Tom Gatermann told me he succeeded in disabling WPS by upgrading his Linksys router–I didn’t ask what model and probably shouldn’t post that anyway–with DD-WRT.

Explicitly disabling WPS in DD-WRT is unnecessary because DD-WRT doesn’t implement WPS at all–which is a good thing. There’s no setting to look for, it’s just automatic.

Linksys routers are known to have a setting to disable WPS, but I’ve read several accounts stating the setting doesn’t actually do anything–WPS stays enabled. So loading aftermarket firmware is the best fix available.

DD-WRT also gives you some other good features, like creating VLANs. Want your web server on a different VLAN? You can do that. Want your wireless clients on a different VLAN, to protect the rest of your network in case a warwalker or wardriver manages to get in? You can do that.

VLANs are an option as long as your router has a Broadcom chipset in it, which all Linksys routers do.

What’s a VLAN? Splitting a switch into multiple networks for improved security and (sometimes) performance. Enterprise switches do that; DD-WRT lets you bring that capability to your home network too.

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