I see Cyanogenmod 10 had its official release this week.

The Nook Color is on the “coming soon” list. It figures that a week or two after I got around to installing 7.2 on mine, something newer and better comes out. But it will give me something to tinker with. Whether 7.2 or 10.0 will ultimately run better on the device, 7.2 is much better than what I had, and is certainly good enough to be useful to me.
Now that I’ve used Cyanogenmod, the first thing I do when looking at any Android device is to check and see whether Cyanogenmod runs on it. It’s like a clean Windows install–a clean base OS without any vendor-supplied bloat on it. Not to mention that Cyanogenmod gets updates faster than the vendors typically provide them.
The thought of installing the unofficial Cyanogenmod build for my Samsung Galaxy S4G phone has occurred to me. The only thing is, I’m more willing to mess around with a tablet than with a phone. If I mess up a tablet and it doesn’t work, it’s not a big deal if it sits for a week (or 11 months) until I get back to it. Going without a cell phone for a couple of days while I mess around with it is a bigger issue.