OK, I finally did it. I finally came out of my cave and saw Shrek. Everyone was right. It was hilarious. Essentially, it’s a parody on fairy tales, with enough humor to keep adults interested too.
But of course the main reason I had to see it was because everyone told me I was in it. Lord Farquaad. All anyone would tell me about him was that he was the bad guy. And he was short. Hmm. I’m short. Hopefully most people don’t consider me the bad guy.

Good movie, lots of great jokes at Lord Farquaad’s expense, good animation. A hint of political correctness at the end–I won’t elaborate because it’ll give away the plot–but I’ve come to expect that in movies. I rather like it anyway. Being the cynical type, I’d have done the ending differently, but this is a kids’ film. The world doesn’t need me writing material for children. I’d scar them too much.

If I had a DVD player, I’d probably buy this at some point. It’d have to wait in line behind Peter Sellers’ Being There (the most criminally overlooked movie in history, but that’s just my opinion), Field of Dreams, Dead Poets Society, Braveheart, and possibly others. But it takes a lot for me to even think about seeing it again, let alone one day owning it.

This isn’t my clan’s first appearance in the movies. I spotted my clan’s plaid in the movie Braveheart. They were fighting on the side of the Scottish king, who was fighting on the side of the British. It figures. But since most people don’t recognize the Farquharson plaid, no one’s ever asked me about that.