I fixed a strange problem with my coffee maker this week. If your coffee maker leaks and nothing anyone else says helps, try this.

In my case, it was my filter. Yes, my filter.

How a filter can cause coffee maker leaks

coffee maker leaks

When my coffee maker started leaking, I traced the problem to my metal filter.

I’ve been using reusable metal filters for years. It saves money, and I don’t have to worry about running out one day and not being able to make coffee in the morning. The only problem is, they apparently can get clogged. I can’t say I remember having this problem before, and I’ve been using these almost 20 years, but there’s a first time for everything.

The telltale sign was when I opened up the coffee maker. I saw water pooling up on top of the coffee grounds and not getting into the pot. Not good. I cleaned out the coffee grounds, rinsed out the filter, and it was retaining water like a bowl. It’s supposed to leak like a sieve.

Since my washing the filter obviously had become inadequate, I had two options. I could replace the filter. Or I could clean it a different way. I decided to soak it overnight in vinegar. In the morning I rinsed off the filter, then wiped it down with a clean dishrag. Then I tried running water through it again. That worked. Lots of leaks.

So then I put the filter back in the coffee maker and made coffee. No leaks from the pot, and it made coffee much faster this time.

So if you use reusable filters, give them the occasional vinegar soak to clean them out really well. They’ll work much better and faster, and without causing mysterious coffee maker leaks.

I’m glad it was my filter. Filters are cheaper and easier to fix than coffee makers.