A week or two ago, Chrome quit working–I would launch it, and EMET would give me a message that it detected Caller Mitigation. It turns out that particular setting isn’t compatible with Chrome 35 and up.

The fix is easy. Launch EMET, click “Apps,” scroll down to Chrome, and uncheck the 10th item from the left.

Google doesn’t recommend EMET because Chrome already does most of the things that EMET forces, and the EMET mitigations that Chrome lacks can be bypassed. To me, that doesn’t make them worthless. It filters out the unsophisticated attackers. And if you make the advanced adversary make the attack more complex, there’s a greater chance of being caught. Security isn’t about preventing everything–you can’t–but you can raise the stakes.

That’s why I disabled Caller Mitigation and keep EMET enabled on Chrome.exe.

I also saw this week that Google is working on a 64-bit version of Chrome for Windows. Finally! Once it comes out of beta, that’s something I’ll be installing. That may be what makes me change allegiances from Firefox.