I’m curious what this looks like. I’m using a template from glish.com, heavily modified by yours truly. It’s not quite the design I originally envisioned but I think it’s close enough. It’s dark. It’s readable. It’s a little edgy. It’s me.
You can customize the text size (and font) with buttons on the left and it’ll set a cookie so the change stays persistent. For the feature to work right, it needs cookies and javascript enabled.

I do want to modify this to use relative rather than absolute text sizes so it won’t override IE’s default. That’s an incendiary issue among Web designers, but this site looks fine in huge fonts (partly by design) so I’m willing to make the concession. Besides, I know not everyone keeps cookies and javascript enabled.

Assuming this thing doesn’t just completely fall apart in IE6, I’ll move the old HTML files over (so people’s old bookmarks don’t die suddenly) and flip the switch on my router. At this point I don’t want to put any more work into it until I’m certain it’ll work fine for those using the browser I won’t touch with someone else’s 10-foot-pole.

So, Konqueror and IE6 users–how’s it hold up?