Be wary of unexpected e-mail attachments

Just an observation: I’ve received two unexpected e-mail attachments from people I don’t know in the past hour. I figured the first one was an honest mistake–for some reason I get e-mail intended for other people from time to time–but when I got a second one and it, too, was little more than a smiley and an attachment, I started to think something strange is going on.

Your antivirus software should catch anything floating around, but if it’s too new, you can still get bitten. It’s never a good idea to open unexpected attachments. Bad things can happen.

Even at work, where we pass attachments around like candy, our standard practice is to announce the attachment is coming, or to follow it up with, “Hey, did you get my e-mail?” It cuts down on the number of unfortunate accidents.

So don’t open unexpected attachments. Especially if you’re seeing a sudden flood of smileys with weird attachments.

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