So my wife wanted to replace the handles on the pantry doors. She went to Lowe’s, picked out some handles, and brought them home.

The screws that came with them were too short. So I went to Home Depot (it’s two minutes away and open late on Sundays) and bought replacements. I learned something.I needed 8-32 machine screws. I started out in the cabinet aisle, mainly because I found it first, but the 8-32s they had there were either too short or too long. The length I needed was sold out.

So I went a couple of aisles down to the general hardware, located the machine screws, and found what I needed. I also noted the price. A package of four 8-32s cost $1 from the hardware aisle. A package of two of them cost $2 in the cabinet aisle. Same screws, just slightly different wording on the packaging. I had no idea.

It’s cheaper still to buy them by the box, if you need a lot of them, but I only needed two. I paid my dollar, took the package of four home, and mounted the handles on the doors. The leftover parts are in my stash of screws and other hardware that I’m saving for a rainy day.