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And we’re live.

Steve and I have been working for a couple of hours, and the old Greymatter site is no more (well, it still exists but it’s offline), replaced by this. The old static files are still out there for posterity’s sake. Well, for your bookmarks’ sake, anyway.
While I was moving archives around and changing templates, Steve was fixing karma. I think we’re 100% functional again. I’ll be back later with new stuff. Meanwhile, enjoy the new site.

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8 thoughts on “And we’re live.”

  1. … and now you’ve got to tell the guys who maintain the “Daynotes” portal pages where you are.

  2. Still getting errors on comments, though the comments are being posted. I do like the new page, though.

    using Mozilla 1.0 on the Devil’s platform.

    Let me try again.

  3. Hmmm, I had to remove “/index.htm” from my bookmark. You might want to make a redirector page, if that’s possible.

  4. Rich, I don’t doubt you had the problem (every once in a while the site acts goofy; right now it’s running on a machine that really has no business serving up a web page, to be perfectly honest) but I can’t duplicate it. I do plan to move the site to a machine running whichever Debian tree is considered stable at that moment, dedicated to Web serving, as opposed to this thing, which is literally running every experimental piece of software in existence and serving as my personal workstation. No, I can’t think of any other possible bad practice I could try, other than running this thing on Windows.

    The shift will be transparent, other than a very brief outage of a few seconds or however long it takes for me to unplug a network cable and plug in another one. Can’t give an ETA on that one though, since this week I’m focussed on getting ready for my trip.

    Feel free to punch in a bogus mail address if you don’t want to give your real one and it insists on one. I don’t care if gets more spam.

    Alan, in general it’s not good practice to include “/index.htm” in bookmarks, except as a last resort (like a misconfigured server not answering to just its URL) since the default index page can and does sometimes change.

    A redirector is possible but I’m really hesitant to do it. I did whip up a static page with a link to put in place at index.htm though. Hopefully that’s good enough.

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