I went looking for a lightweight POP3 client last week for Windows so I could do some testing. I found Popcorn. I like it a lot.
For one thing, it’s a self-contained 216K executable that keeps its info in an .ini file in the same directory. Simple and elegant. Its user interface is certainly adequate. It’s not as fancy as Outlook or some other clients maybe, but it’s fine. Best yet, it’ll grab the headers and let you see them before you download your mail, which is a real boon on a dialup connection. Flag the spam, hit delete, then only download the stuff you want to read then and there.

Memory usage starts at about 2 megs, which makes it even more ideal for that 486 laptop with 8 megs of RAM running Win95 that you take with you on the road.

It’s a simple program for simple needs, with a couple of compelling features thrown in. Even if you’ve got a multi-gigahertz P4 with a gig or two of RAM, there’s probably something to like about it. Check it out.