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An easy firewall for Linux

Saturday, 4/29/00
PMFirewall. I recommended this firewall-builder for Linux a couple of weeks ago (from InfoWorld’s resident Linux guru, Nick Petreley, gives it his seal of approval this week here.

As for making it a standard part of distributions, I e-mailed Jacques Le Marois, president of Mandrakesoft, inquiring just about that possibility. (As an aside, wanna know one reason why I like Linux? Le Marois answers my mail! And sometimes he mails me! Meanwhile, I know neither Gates nor Ballmer give a rat’s behind about anything I think or say.) Le Marois had a team look into it, but informed me that it could be tough to integrate. I’m wondering if maybe it shouldn’t be integrated into the control panel, rather than as part of the setup process (it’s specialized, after all). Hmm. Maybe it’s time to mail him again…

[E-mail him I did. And I have no idea if my lobbying had anything to do with this or not, but Control Panel-based firewalling soon became a standard feature in Mandrake and other Linux distributions. –DF, 5/23/02]
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1 thought on “An easy firewall for Linux”

  1. Can you plese tell me how you overcame the Vaudrv error on the older machine you fixed up for the nice lady? I am having a similar problem with an older (1998) IBM designed for Windows 95 that only had Windows 3.11 for Workgroups installed on it.

    Aparently the company that had it never used it, so I got a Windows 95 upgrade CD and during and after installing am getting the same error message.

    I have searched the internet, in vain, hoping to find out how to get rid of the error, so my husband can have his very own internet e-mail computer and I can work in peace.

    Please help!


    Linda Vidal

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