Gatermann called me last night. He’d gotten his new Adaptec 19160, but Windows 2000 wouldn’t recognize it. Unfortunately, he’d reformatted his main drive too, so there was no going back and cheating by installing both his old and new SCSI cards side by side, then installing the driver, then pulling the old card and moving the drive.
We tried a couple of things over the phone. No go. I suggested he try installing Linux just to make sure the card was good.

By the time I arrived, he had a working Red Hat 7.2 configuration. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Microsoft.

We downloaded the latest Adaptec PCI drivers, using his other Linux box. Windows 2000 didn’t like them. We downloaded the previous version. That one, unlike the other, had a dedicated Adaptec 19160 driver. We installed that and it actually worked.

Forty minutes later, we had a working all-SCSI Windows configuration.

I like Linux more and more every day.