A war story in progress

It was a long day at work yesterday. Some days things don’t go as planned, because something blows up, and that was the case yesterday. I’m sure I’ll write it up someday. Right now I fear it’s still in the early stages.

But it’s a turning point of sorts.

I spent lots of hours on marathon conference calls like this as a fairly low-ranking sysadmin. Mostly I took and executed orders, and every once in a while, was given permission to speak up.

This time I’m a low-ranking decision maker. I’m actually kind of in a good place, though, because I have admin rights on the servers. So I can go in and observe, rather than just taking someone’s word for it. I also still know how to go in and observe.

If a sysadmin or a vendor tries to feed us a line, I can go in and check. I can straddle the line between decision maker and sysadmin or engineer. When the situation calls for empathy, I can provide empathy. When the situation calls for a covert IM to a higher-ranking decision maker to the effect that I think someone isn’t telling the whole truth… I can do that too.

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