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A treasure trove of training material

Need to improve your security skills? Need a refresher course to brush up on some skills you haven’t used in a while? Or are you just looking for some CPEs or CEUs to keep your certification valid?

The United States Department of Defense offers a great deal of security training, much of which is freely available to all comers. Your tax dollars paid for it, so don’t feel bad about using it. Besides, if you use it to improve your networks, then your networks are less likely to become a source of attack on government networks, so they’re happy for you to use most of it.

Here’s a hint: Anything that isn’t viewable by the general public is marked ” *(DoD PKI Cert req’d).” If you don’t see that marking, then it’s free for you to view. Just click the link marked “Launch Training.”

The lessons are designed for Internet Explorer 7 or later, but most of them will function just fine in other browsers.

Some of the lessons are a bit elementary at first, because they have to assume some of the audience will be fresh 18-year-olds straight out of high school who enlisted and got assigned to Information Assurance duty because they like video games. So the training has to accommodate everything between an 18-year-old who knows nothing and a PhD with 18 information assurance certifications.

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