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A reminder from your sponsor…

Just a reminder, for those who seem to have forgotten. I produce the content on this site. I write it, edit it, and post it. I usually sink far more time into it than I should. I don’t make any money off it, other than the occasional sale through an Amazon link, which usually amounts to $15-$20 per year. But making money was never my intent.
This is a hobby. I write about what I feel like writing about, when I feel like writing about it, how I feel like writing about it.

I don’t owe you anything. Nobody is forcing you to read this. Nor have I ever solicited donations, and I don’t have any plans to start.

I’d like to think I usually produce decent-quality stuff. Some days are worse than others. It’s not easy to come up with new and insightful and interesting stuff every day, which is why sane writers take a day or two per week off. And sometimes I run out of time, so I call it done and post it, figuring whatever I can give you is better than nothing.

I guess I was wrong about that.

This is a difficult time. I don’t know what people want me to write about right now, and frankly I don’t give a rip. Yeah, I’m moody, and yeah, I’m a bit down, and I’ve got a (mostly) one-track mind. You can deal with that, or you can join that small band of readers who’ve decided to be part of the problem. Faced with having to choose between not giving a rip about my neighbor or not giving a rip about your computer problem (or not being thorough enough for your tastes), the decision will be the easiest one I ever made in my life.

I’ll be back when I bloody feel like it. And not a nanosecond sooner.

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13 thoughts on “A reminder from your sponsor…”

  1. Just keep writing what you’re writing – a lot of us really enjoy it! And I for one have learned a lot here… and appreciate what you’re doing. A blog is usually a cathartic endeavor – so blow it off and move on. Nobody has to read your blog, for crying out loud! But some of us create a strange kind of anonymous friendship this way, and I for one wouldn’t want to see this blog die. I don’t know who said what to p*ss you off, but whoever it was, buzz off!

  2. Happens to the best of us. Come back when you’re ready.

    Whether you write about your Linux discoveries or your relationship with God, I always get food for thought.

    It’s what makes your Daynotes so readable, I guess.

  3. ‘Bout time for a vacation – sounds good to me. I enjoy reading you, even if I don’t always agree with you. And I’ve always learned something and had something to think about. Every single day.

    Of course, I might be more productive and look out the window less… Which would probably be a good thing for my boss, but I’m not on this earth for him…

    Enjoy your time away… I’d ask you to hurry back, but that would be greedy… Ok, so I’m greedy. 😉

  4. Dave, I thought you’ve already been on vacation. 🙂 Well at least from work. Hope you’ll be back soon to give us some updates and data to think about throughout the day.

  5. Dave, stop letting people get you down. As the others have said, your page is enjoyable and worthwhile (even speaking as a lapsed catholic) – and I do get a lot out of your blog whether linux or anything else. But, of course, do whatever you prefer. I, for one, would like to see you continue.

  6. I’ve been informed that this post was arrogant and prideful. So I’ll qualify.

    Point 1: If I were someone else, would I read my stuff? I doubt it. Not very often at least. I write something worth bookmarking once or twice a year. Anyone who writes 300+ times a year ought to be able to do that.

    Point 2: Am I a Linux expert? I’ve never claimed to be. A Windows expert? Only in the arena of minimizing its use of CPU cycles and memory, a skill that takes patience and time to acquire, not genius.

    I was mad before. After reading that, I was absolutely livid.

    I appreciate the encouragement. It’s good to know the cool people outnumber the people who want more than I can sometimes deliver.

    Like I said before, I’ll be back. When I feel like it.

    This is the last you’ll hear from me until then. It’s Friday night. I’ve got better things to do than sit home and brood.

  7. Please keep up the comments.
    After 60 years, life has proven one thing about 99.9% of the population that uses computers are stupid. After 25 years in this tech racket the percentage is going up as more idiots join the ranks of computer users.

  8. Prideful? Well, I guess maybe a little – but anyone creative needs to be. A modicum of pride (say in workmanship) is necessary, or we get nowhere. Arrogant? No way. What creative work has your carping (and indeed arrogant) critic contributed to the world? It is the height of arrogance to criticise what one can’t do oneself. What has given them the right to criticise the mote they perceive in your eye?

    I enjoy reading what you write – whether it’s creative or straight reporting or an opinion piece. Much of it makes me think outside the box I’ve erected around myself, and that’s good.

    You’re entitled to time out to recharge your creative energies – I’m not doing Daynotes because I know I couldn’t maintain the pace. I also hope you’re the fast-charge type. Best wishes.

  9. Dave,

    Sorry to hear you are down and that some un-thoughtful people can’t read between the lines. (heck, they obviously cant read the lines).

    Take a break and return when you like. I won’t say you’ll not be missed, but I will say you’ve earned the break.

    As a note of encouragement , your page is on a very short list of “dayvisits” in my favorites.

    Be well.


  10. Man, I can’t count the times I’ve been here – where you’re sitting. All the times I nearly lost my mind with rage at my darned site, and why I care so much.

    Relax, Dave, it comes and goes. The love ebbs and wanes like a river of sorts, but if you’re truly in love with what you do, it comes back around. Seek God’s face on where to go next. Trust me, a path with come out of nowhere.

    Keep up the excellent work.

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    I hope to hear many from you.

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