A week or two ago, e-mail went out from one of our VMS administrators. He wanted to reboot one of our VMS systems.
Later in the day, our other VMS administrator sent out mail. He wanted to reboot one of our systems.

My boss responded to the second message:

NT guys, please find something to reboot. The VMS guys are catching up with you.

-Middle Management

A couple days later, we had to reboot one of our NT systems. We were talking about that at lunch. I looked across the table. “We’re ahead of you today,” I said.

“You’re ahead of us most days,” he laughed. Yes, NT’s not exactly the bastion of stability, while VMS is as stable as Unix.

“It’s not enough for us to win the war. We have to win every battle,” I said, punctuating every syllable of the last two words with my fist on the table.

I was being ridiculous. We all knew I was being ridiculous.

But I was talking to one of my friends tonight about something completely unrelated, and as I struggled with what we were talking about, I realized those words, and the sentiment behind them, permeate just about everything I do.

I’m not sure that’s such a good thing.