3-2-1 Studios, best known for its DVDXCopy software, has been sued out of business by the MPAA lynch mob.

It’s unfortunate. The company had a number of good products, and they were in at least one regard a very cool company.I had some of their products for DVD editing and authoring. I liked them. I also really liked one thing about the company’s policy. Unlike most companies, who make their money by making a piece of software and then selling upgrades to it, 3-2-1 had a policy of free upgrades for life. You could just download the newest version whenever you wanted.

So it’s a shame.

I never bought DVDXCopy, as I had no use for the software. I’ve never looked into copying DVDs, so I can’t judge whether the free alternatives to DVDXCopy are, as alleged on Slashdot, better.

I do regret that it’s legal to make copies of movies for personal use but illegal to provide the tools one would use to exercise that right.