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Dave’s utility. I spent some time yesterday writing a short utility to assist in creating multiboot systems. It’s not ready yet, but I’ll let the world know when it is. The source code is about 6K in length so it won’t be a monster, but I expect the executable to bloat up to 50-60K. It’s written in QuickBasic, since the Microsoft Basics of old were my best language for a long time, and still the language I remember best. But I seem to be missing some pieces of QuickBasic, so I may have to rewrite it.

It’s simple enough that I probably could even write the thing in assembler, but I’m not that much of a glutton for self punishment. 🙂

I used to really enjoy writing short, useful utilities. These days I’m in that mood maybe once a year. I don’t know what’s going on there, if it’s technical difficulties or something else. I am going to assume it’s either technical difficulties or an oversight. What I do know is that the Apache welcome page that shows up when you go there isn’t what most people are expecting. Bob Walder has set up a portal at that you can use in the interim.

Outta here. Today’s Good Friday, so I have the day off. I need to work on an article for Computer Shopper UK.

Partition table recovery. I thought I’d posted this stuff here before, but I can’t find it. So here goes. If you blitz your partition table, here’s what you want to get it back.

MBRWORK: (easier to use)

TestDisk: (more complete)

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