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Home » General » 02/07/2001


I’m tired of picking apart terrible reviews, so here’s a pair of pretty good ones, one from an old favorite site.

A review of Plextor’s new 16X burner.

A good, honest, comprehensive look at the current state of the art. Their conclusion: it’s the best drive of its type out there but not perfect. The 16X burners all have flaws, and this one doesn’t bury the competition but when all’s said and done it comes out on top overall.

I can’t really find fault with this review, especially seeing as it documents an undocumented setting to enable UDMA mode and get more out of the drive. They document their methodology, disclose the test bed, and perform thorough analysis.

Dan’s Data reviews a great-looking case.

Too bad this case seems to be hard to find here in the States. Let’s face it: this is a case review. It’s hard to mess up. But this guy’s a fun read regardless of the topic.

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