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Finished! I finished up the Shopper UK article after straightening out my registration with PowerQuest last night. I left myself wide open for some jokes with my screenshots, and though I’m mad that Partition Magic no longer comes with Magic Mover, the headliner is improved over its previous incarnations. There’s little point in upgrading if you’ve got 4 or 5, but if you’re still putt-putting around with v2 or v3, go for it.

Had a conversation with Steve DeLassus last night too. (Steve was one of the tech reviewers for Optimizing Windows and we’ve known each other for more than 10 years.) He let me in on what I have in store for myself in a few years, we talked PCs a little, and he complained about me not mentioning him on the site much anymore. So now I have. He and I need to get started on a project at some point. Then his dog Buster can destroy it. I tried to talk him into one of those $29 Soyo Celeron boards but he wouldn’t bite. He also reminded me of our arms race, where we each try to accumulate more PCs than the other, and he mentioned that, being a bachelor, I have an unfair advantage because I can put things in unimaginable places and get away with it. Strangely, he didn’t mention the phone-in-the-fridge incident.

And a late dinner with the music director from church. Hence the short shrift today. It’s hard to squeeze an article, a long dinner, a long phone conversation, plus an Office 2000 mass-deployment plan plus sleep into 24 hours and have much left.

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