How to audit your PC’s software for updates

Sometimes you like to use backdated software, perhaps to avoid bloatware. But perhaps you have some old software you’ve forgotten about. If you want to know, Secunia has a free product called PSI that will scan your system and alert you to any outdated software you may have. Then you can either update it, if it’s something you use and want to keep up to date, or uninstall it.

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Fun with gasoline… Wait, that sounds bad. How to save gasoline.

First, a quick aside. To steal a Dan Bowman-ism, the black helicopters have been swooping in and causing a lot of weird problems on my site lately. Yesterday’s double post was due to Greymatter complaining about permissions changing on a file (who changed them? I’m guessing the black helicopters, or maybe the bogeyman), so I changed it back and posted again, only to find out much later that the first posting had occurred.