Good morning, or what’s left of it.
If you’re in the market for a high-end AMD CPU, right now is a good time to wait. AMD delayed the Barton core today, mostly to avoid creating an inventory glut at the end of the year. The new chips will offer a couple of significant improvements over current models, namely a 333 MHz FSB and twice the L2 cache, at 512KB.

Sounds like a fantastic time to make due with a $35 Duron if you’re building a new system and absolutely have to have buy now rather than waiting until January. Make sure the board you buy supports the faster FSB and is likely to still be in production then though, as AMD’s new cores traditionally need a BIOS update. And what to do with the Duron come January? Pick up a $35 closeout Socket A motherboard and use it and the Duron to upgrade some older system. If you don’t need a second system, some local church or school will love you for the donation.

Personally, I’d love to see how a Barton-core Athlon with DDR333 or DDR400 memory would do for video editing.