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Two new things are working

I still haven’t fixed the calendar (I’m a slacker) but I’ve got two other important things working. For those of you who use RDF/RSS, my feed is working (the link’s in the lower right), and for those of you who use to track your favorite blogs, I’ve got my update working now too.

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7 thoughts on “Two new things are working”

  1. Some things I’ve noticed:

    Using Mozilla 1.6 and Mozilla Firefox 0.8 with the default "Axonz" theme, the calendar seems to go "under" the news frame. I haven’t really tried it with Internet Explorer… huh – kinda forgot I had it, really. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If I use the "experimental" theme, both of them work fine. I assume that’s the calendar problem you’re talking about.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is that there are three style choices, but only two of them show in the View | Use Style menu: Basic Page Style and Axonz. Shouldn’t all three of them show up?

    Also, the default signature separator is not correct. The standard is dash dash space where you have dash dash dash. Just a nitpick, but since you’re almost as uptight about standards as I am I figured you’d like to know.

    Dustin D. Cook, A+

    1. I’m running Firefox 0.8, too, Dustin, but I’m not seeing the calendar issue you mentioned. I probably have a different set of GeekLog blocks set up here, though.

      The themes changer is PHP-based and saves your theme choice with your preferences. Only the CSS file for the theme you choose is injected into the page’s HTML. So that’s why you only see one theme and the Basic Theme listed in FF’s style menu. If alternate stylesheets were referenced in the HTML, you’d see them in the menu, too. "Basic Theme", from what I’m seeing, appears to be a built-in "no CSS" option. Pretty nice, when you’d just like data. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Didn’t realize there was a standard default signature separator. Probably because I don’t use sigs, I guess. But now that Dave’s suggested one…

      1. I’ve got the same problem with both Mizllia 1.6 and Firfox .8. IE 6 doesn’t do it, nor does IE 5.5 from work.

        If I use the clean theme, it works fine on all.

    2. I suspect the Axonz authors only tested under IE. It generates small pages, but it’s not very cross-browser friendly.

      There are definitely still lots of little things I need to look at.

  2. Also running Firefox 0.8; When I enlarge the font with "control/plus" the calendar slides under the middle column. I’ve found it difficult to get a nice column layout that also resizes well.

    You and I are but earth.

    1. Best bet’s going to be to do the hack to make the right-side blocks show up all the time, then move the calendar back to the right. Nothing I do makes it work well on the left.

      Then, of course, there’s the issue of fixing the thing.

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