TCP/IP Manager makes a good companion for DNS Bench for road warriors

So you like the results you get with DNS Bench, but you have a laptop you take on the road a lot?

Use DNS Bench to find the best results for the places you go most frequently, then use TCP/IP Manager to save those settings and switch between them.

I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating again. The fastest DNS for you at home when you’re using one ISP probably won’t be the best one to use at the library, which is probably on another ISP. So, rather than just use the default DNS everywhere, which probably isn’t optimal, you can test it once at each site, create a site for each in TCP/IP Manager, then use the program to flip between configurations.

And if you have to switch between DHCP and fixed IP addresses, or between using a proxy server and not using one, TCP/IP Manager can make that less painful too.



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