A Comcastic-ally bad idea

If you haven’t heard about it, Comcast has plans to build a wifi network for its subscribers, on the back of its other subscribers’ routers. What’s worse is it’s an opt-out service. If you don’t hear about it and say something, you’re a hotspot for any other Comcast customer who happens to wander by.

I’m not a Comcast customer. I’m in Charter territory, and I’m not a Charter customer either. But I have so many problems with this it’s hard to know where to begin, so I sure hope other ISPs don’t copy this. Read more

Digital distribution, not SOPA and PIPA, is the best long-term solution for the MPAA

Fightforthefuture.org declared victory yesterday, saying that SOPA and PIPA have been dropped. Their e-mail said some other important and interesting things, but most importantly, it made some references to China. Communist China. Totalitarian Communist China.

The distinction is important.
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How I secured my new wireless router

For the first time ever, I actually have a wireless router that can cover my whole house. I’ve been interested in wireless security for a long time, but haven’t actually had to do much with it because I wasn’t running any wireless networks at home.

I spent a few minutes securing my network after I got it up and running. I talked at rather long length about that in the past, but on a really practical level, here’s what I did in a mere 10 minutes that will make a big difference.

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The tyranny of consumerization is real

Computerworld cites the Ipad 2 and increasing demand by end users to use such consumer devices in corporate environments as “The tyranny of consumerization.”

This has happened before. And if history repeats itself, the future will be better than today, but the road there is going to involve some pain.
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3-2-1 Studios has been sued out of business

3-2-1 Studios, best known for its DVDXCopy software, has been sued out of business by the MPAA lynch mob.

It’s unfortunate. The company had a number of good products, and they were in at least one regard a very cool company.I had some of their products for DVD editing and authoring. I liked them. I also really liked one thing about the company’s policy. Unlike most companies, who make their money by making a piece of software and then selling upgrades to it, 3-2-1 had a policy of free upgrades for life. You could just download the newest version whenever you wanted.

So it’s a shame.

I never bought DVDXCopy, as I had no use for the software. I’ve never looked into copying DVDs, so I can’t judge whether the free alternatives to DVDXCopy are, as alleged on Slashdot, better.

I do regret that it’s legal to make copies of movies for personal use but illegal to provide the tools one would use to exercise that right.

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