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Sticking PDFs together

If you’ve ever needed to stick several PDFs together into one document (maybe your scanner software makes one-page PDFs when you scan to that format), my old friend and one-time coauthor Brian has an answer for you: PDF Append 2003.

I guess he wrote it in 2003 but wrote about it yesterday?At any rate, this is one of those cases where if you need something, you probably need it badly. Those of you who need it know who you are.

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1 thought on “Sticking PDFs together”

  1. Heh heh, the name is an odd story.

    I started writing the software using Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2. I ran into some issues with iTextSharp and VS2005, so since I wasn’t using any features of .NET 2.0, I recreated the project in Visual Studio 2003.

    Thus the "2003" moniker. 🙂

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