Sometimes you need to mark vinyl tile on the front before you cut it.

Here’s the scenario. You’re cutting a vinyl tile to fit an intricate spot on the floor. And you need to measure it with the top showing. So you measure it and draw your pattern. Then you start to cut, and you find out the hard way that the pencil or pen marks wipe away. And they’ll probably disappear before you finish cutting.

A temporary but permanent enough way to mark vinyl tile on the front

mark vinyl tile on the front

If you need to mark vinyl tile on the front before cutting it, try a crayon.

Here’s an easy answer. After you measure the cut, whether you use my paper trick or a contour gauge: Use a crayon. The marks will most likely be covered by whatever trim work you lay. But if not, the crayon wipes away with a bit of effort–but it actually takes some effort, which means your marks will be there when you need to cut. If you want to be safe, select a color that blends in somewhat with the colors on the tile.

I hope this helps. While you’re laying tiles, you may run into issues with getting them to stick. I have some help for making vinyl tiles stick too.