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How to fix Minecraft not installing

If you haven’t played Minecraft in a while, and you are trying to install Minecraft and getting an error message, even though you tried both the app store version and the alternative Java edition, I have something for you to try. It’s an easy way to fix Minecraft not installing.

My son was having this problem after he got a new computer running Windows 11. But the problem can happen in Windows 10 as well.

fix Minecraft installation

If Minecraft won’t install and gives weird errors, it might be your Microsoft account.

There are a lot of websites that tell you to try those two different installation methods, and if that doesn’t work, they fall back on saying your system is out of date and tell you to run Windows Update. Indeed, the error message it gives is typically related to Windows updates more than anything else. But it doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. The same goes for updating your drivers.

And if that doesn’t work, they suggest a lot of other things, frequently involving third party utilities that you download and run.

At best, those utilities are harmless, but at worst, they could install malware on your computer. They probably also won’t solve your problem. Updating your system is a good idea, but it also might or might not solve the problem. But there’s another thing that can cause the problem that no one ever seems to mention.

One weird trick to fix Minecraft installation errors

If you can’t install Minecraft and you are getting a seemingly meaningless error message, try this before you download anything: Make sure you the Microsoft account you used to purchase Minecraft isn’t locked out.

Microsoft account? That’s random. Except you may or may not know Microsoft bought Mojang, Minecraft’s publisher, in 2014. Microsoft owns Minecraft and ties its login to a Microsoft account.

I don’t know why the Minecraft installer throws an incomprehensible error message rather than simply telling you your account is locked, but that is something easy and harmless to try. Reset your Microsoft password that you use to play Minecraft, then try your install again.

Especially if you haven’t played in a while, there is a reasonable chance a locked account is the reason you are getting the error. And it won’t hurt anything to try, and only takes a couple of minutes.

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