Exit full screen in WinUAE

I always struggle to remember how to exit fullscreen mode in WinUAE, and it seems like everyone else wants to explain everything about the software. So here’s how to exit full screen mode in WinUAE, the Amiga emulator for Windows. It takes about three steps.

I often enter fullscreen in WinUAE accidentally and then can’t remember how to get out. You need to hit F12, then navigate the display menu.

exit full screen in WinUAE
To exit full screen in WinUAE, hit F12 and then navigate the WinUAE properties dialog box to the Display section and switch to Windowed mode.

Full screen gives a more authentic experience, but sometimes you need windowed mode, such as when you’re following instructions you pulled up on the PC side of things.

Hit F12 to bring up the WinUAE properties menu. Navigate to Host > Display. In the Settings section, there are a number of options under Native. You probably see full screen because you accidentally enabled full screen mode. Switch that option from Full Screen  to Windowed. Then click OK. You’re almost there.

Now you have a window that fills up your full screen, which probably is closer to what you want, but maybe not completely. Hit Alt-Tab to give Windows control of your mouse back, then drag the title bar a bit to move the window until you can click on two of the edges. Next, click on the edges of the window and drag them to make the window smaller.

Click on whichever two of the edges you can reach and drag them, then resize the window to suit your needs.

And that’s how you exit full screen mode in WinUAE. It could be easier, but it’s a lot less difficult than a lot of people seem to explain. No need to go John McAfee on it.

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  • December 21, 2021 at 8:29 pm

    I just use ctrl+f12 or the middle mouse button

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