Ah, so there will be a Railroad Tycoon III

I was playing Railroad Tycoon II on my girlfriend’s brother’s computer (had to test it out after rebuilding it, y’know), and I thought to check something. And I see that Take 2 has announced Railroad Tycoon III will be out the second half of this year.
No word about features or anything else. Aside from the sometimes-weak AI and the annoying inability to build tunnels–who puts railroad tracks up a mountain?–RT2 was awfully close to perfect.

One thought on “Ah, so there will be a Railroad Tycoon III

  • February 4, 2003 at 3:49 pm

    Who builds railways up mountians?


    Actually in heavy haul freight, a 2% grade is extreme. That has to be the most unrealistic aspect of that game. Building a railline on a 6% grade…Yikes!

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