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Victory ping.

“Whatever happened to the Legions of Doom server?” a coworker asked me as a technician swapped her computer. I smiled a wicked smile. “Victory ping!” I then turned to my computer. “Ping pmprint02. Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out,” I read as the words scrolled onto my screen. “Victory ping?” […]

Diaper raid!

This past weekend was the annual Scouting for Food drive. My oldest son participated, and I was proud of him because he complained a lot less than the older kids. In fact, he was perfectly happy running up and down people’s driveways, picking up bags, and putting them in the trunk of our car as […]

No, using an emergency fund to pay off credit card debt isn’t a good idea

It seems like I’ve been finding a lot of financial questions online lately. I guess that’s good–it means people are thinking. The best question I’ve found this week is whether you should use your emergency fund to pay off credit card debt. Mathematically, it makes sense to do so. But one thing I remember hearing […]

In defense of telework

I work from home one day a week. Most of my coworkers do as well. So I was interested when I read about Yahoo! doing! away! with! telecommuting! (with apologies to The Register. I couldn’t resist.)

How to save money on tech

CNN offered up some good tips on saving money on tech. But of course I want to analyze and comment on it myself. Anything else would be out of character.

Hard drives aren’t like tires

I talked with my pastor about something unrelated last Sunday, and he mentioned the church was recovering from a massive server failure. So we ended up talking mostly about that, which was fine. It’s good to be able to help the community from time to time. This past Sunday, I talked with the executive director, […]

Yes, ramdisks still make sense, especially with memory so cheap

A former classmate and industry colleague dropped me a line a few weeks ago. He pointed out that memory is dirt cheap, and he bought 16 GB of RAM, just because it cost him around $100 to do, and was wondering what to do with it. A ramdisk, perhaps? My search logs prove that ramdisks […]

Handling data recovery

I took a strange phone call from the field today, asking for advice about creating policies and procedures on data recovery. There’s no easy answer.

The mainstream places a bet on SSDs

I just saw that LSI Corporation bought Sandforce, maker of high-performance SSD controllers, earlier this week for $400 million. LSI makes a lot of things. I’ve owned a couple of SCSI controllers over the years with their chips on them. I’ve administered servers with their RAID controllers in them. They also make system-on-a-chip solutions.

Attack of the monster 4 TB hard drives

The Register reports that Seagate is offering a massive 4 TB hard drive for $250. Seagate brags that the drive can store 2,000 high-definition movies, thus answering the question of what you need such a large drive for.