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I don’t think I agree with the argument against patching everything

Some revolutionary advice surfaced this past week–stop patching everything. And while I understand the argument that people need to stop letting the difficulty of patching everything paralyze them and cause them to do nothing–as I’ve seen some organizations do–and I agree that some patches are more critical than others, as someone who once had to […]

Getting started in compliance: Start by doing the right thing

I had a couple of discussions this week about compliance, and the traps of plain old check-the-box compliance, and how to get started in it when regulatory compliance suddenly gets sprung on you. The key is working backwards. Start with the very reason regulatory compliance exists.

Apply this fix if you aren’t running IE9

Windows XP users, and those running something older than IE9 on newer versions of Windows need to apply this fix immediately.

Apply your monthly patches just as soon as you can

There are only six patches in this month’s edition of Patch Tuesday, and only one of them is critical, but it’s a big one. The critical patch fixes a flaw in Remote Desktop Protocol, something typically only present in the business-oriented flavors of Windows. But if you don’t know whether you’re affected, it behooves you […]

Yesterday was Patch Tuesday again

I’m way too tired to do the kind of Patch Tuesday writeup I did last month, so I’ll just remind you, and hope that suffices. This month we have vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer, Silverlight, and .NET, some of which can cause remote code execution, which is a holy grail for spreading malware. So apply […]

We’re just about ready for an era of 64-bit browsers

Adobe released a new Flash player this week. As almost an afterthought, they mentioned there’s a 64-bit version included. That means Windows users can finally have mainstream 64-bit web browsers without using any beta software. I can put one on my main machine, and Gmail and Youtube and anything else that relies on Flash works […]

Happy Patch Tuesday, September 2011

Microsoft has five updates and Adobe has two for us on this fine Patch Tuesday, in addition to a patch Mozilla pushed out for Firefox last week. Don’t get too complacent if you run something other than Windows. If you run Microsoft Office on a Mac, or Adobe Reader or Acrobat on a Mac, or […]

How to check your downloaded files’ integrity

On some web pages offering programs to download, you may have seen something called an MD5 near the program link, consisting of a long, weird code like 6cbfd919baa7c9e03c8471ae4d8f8bb. You can use that code to make sure the file you downloaded is what the author intended you to get and wasn’t corrupted during the download process […]

Happy Patch Tuesday

Today was the first Patch Tuesday in nearly four years that I didn’t have to worry about professionally. Since Microsoft released 13 patches today and Adobe released two, my former coworkers might be wondering if I knew something. (I didn’t.)

But I still patched my machine at home, and I recommend you do too. Macintosh owners, you’re not immune, so I have some homework for you too.