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New media in Cuba

I read an ingenious article this week on Slashdot, talking about how Cubans evade Internet censorship (not to mention lack of access) by passing contraband material around on flash drives. It’s so old school, but brilliant. Sure, it’s less efficient and less elegant than using the Internet, but unlike the Internet, it’s nearly impossible to […]

Can’t get system restore to run? Force it.

If your computer brings up a window every time you click on a program’s icon asking what you want to open it with, there’s a not-so-obvious way out. Ve hev vays to get a command prompt when executable files won’t run normally. And from there, you can run anything you want, old school DOS-style.

How to make a virtual DOS machine with networking

If you want a virtual DOS machine running inside a modern PC operating system, with old-school networking and everything, everything you need to do it is at

Frequent questions about setting up toy trains and trains and Christmas trees

Here are some train-related questions I’ve been seeing from Google searches that I really don’t think I ever answered adequately elsewhere. I don’t know where they’ve been landing before today, but hopefully this will help.