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And it looks like OCZ is no more

Last night I saw reports that OCZ’s main creditor is forcing it to liquidate, and OCZ has an agreement to sell most of its assets to Toshiba. Its manufacturing plants and its Indilinx controller technology make Toshiba a good fit; Toshiba makes some controllers and they make flash memory, so this would allow them to […]

An SSD data loss issue–and how to prevent it

Longtime reader Dan Bowman–probably my very first reader, come to think of it–sent in this article from Infoworld regarding SSDs and data loss in power failure. It’s not theoretical. I’ve seen it. I also know how to prevent it.

OCZ is in trouble

You know it’s bad when a story about a company ends with the words, “OCZ’s survival is still possible.” Survival is supposed to be a given.

Are 80plus power supplies worth it?

Extremetech asked recently is 80plus power supplies are worth it. Based on their conclusion, not usually, at least not solely for power savings. But it’s an easy way to get a box built to stricter tolerances with higher-quality electronics.

SSD pricing gets media attention

It’s not news to my regular readers that SSD pricing continues to drop, but Computerworld noticed that this week. Everyday pricing is well around 90 cents per gigabyte now, and with some shopping around, it’s possible to do better than that.

Crucial has a new SSD out, but I don’t think I want it

Anandtech reviewed Crucial’s new value drive. Spoiler: Unless you get the drive on sale, pay the few dollars more that it costs to get a Crucial M4, or Samsung 830, or whatever Intel drive is available (I’ve given up on trying to keep track of Intel’s drives; they release drives more often than Oracle releases […]

Linus Torvalds likes SSDs, too

Linus Torvalds called hard drives evil, nasty platters of spinning rust in an interview this week, while saying he likes SSDs. I didn’t say it. He said it. Though it’s no secret that I like SSDs too.

SSDs are below $1 per gigabyte

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s getting easier and easier to find SSDs priced at or below $1 per gigabyte. You’ll generally have to buy at least 120 GB of storage to hit that price point, but at this point in time, that’s about the smallest drive I would consider anyway.

The Samsung SSD 830: A user review

I didn’t need much convincing to purchase a Samsung 830 SSD; I was in the market for a bigger SSD, and my short list consisted of Samsung and Intel drives. So when I found a good price on a 128 GB Samsung 830, I bought two. The laptops I put the drives in aren’t able […]

Intel enters the budget Sandforce market

Intel announced a new low-end SSD today, the 330, based on a Sandforce 2281 controller. The popular 120 GB capacity will retail for $149. While not as cheap as OCZ’s entry-level SSDs, it’s within striking distance.