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The lines between white hat/gray hat/black hat hacking and moral laws

Longtime reader/commenter Joseph asked two questions yesterday: What’s the boundary between gray and black-hat hacking, and is it moral to pick and choose between moral and immoral laws? The first question is easier than the second. So I’ll tackle that one first.

What I did since I (temporarily) need Java

I’ve been seeing the same question over and over in my search logs lately: Is Java safe to run in 2013? Generally speaking, the answer is no. I have little choice but to run Java right now, though. I’m studying for a certification exam, and the best quiz program that I know of is written […]

Java is patched now, but still not very safe

Rapid7’s Chief Security Officer, HD Moore, estimated it will take two years for Oracle to fix all of the current issues with Java, not counting anything new that happens in that timeframe. Futhermore, Kaspersky states that 50% of cyberattacks in 2012 utilized a Java exploit. Among those is the newly discovered Red October. Think for […]

Apply this fix if you aren’t running IE9

Windows XP users, and those running something older than IE9 on newer versions of Windows need to apply this fix immediately.

Do as we say, not as we did: Microsoft and standards

Microsoft is sniveling that mobile web sites are written with Webkit browsers in mind, because Webkit has 90% market share on tablets and phones. For those who are over 30, the irony is nauseating.

Why the Windows firewall is OK

I wish I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard an unsubstantiated statement like “Windows firewall is junk.” I went looking, and the best I could find was this, an editorial that said it doesn’t do enough to address outbound connections, particularly on a program-by-program basis. OK, point taken. But “enough” is a moving […]

The upside of the brave new Windows Server GUI-less world

So the server version of Windows 8 is losing the GUI.  And some people aren’t happy about it. Let’s talk about upside.

Yesterday was Patch Tuesday again

I’m way too tired to do the kind of Patch Tuesday writeup I did last month, so I’ll just remind you, and hope that suffices. This month we have vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer, Silverlight, and .NET, some of which can cause remote code execution, which is a holy grail for spreading malware. So apply […]

How to slipstream IE9 and hotfixes into Windows 7, step by step

Normally, after you install any version of Windows, you have a ton of patching to do. And that patching takes as long, or longer, than the installation takes, while leaving the system vulnerable to exploits in the meantime. Slipstreaming your hotfixes into your installation media sidesteps those issues, and reduces fragmentation. You get a faster […]

Microsoft sold 400 million Windows 7 licenses; what does it mean?

Steve Ballmer announced today that Microsoft has sold 400 million Windows 7 licenses, but anywhere from half to two-thirds of PCs are still running Windows XP and need to get with the program. He also continues to insist Windows 8 will ship in 2012, which really makes me wonder why those XP users need to […]